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Make Holiday Time Safety Time

The Holiday Season is a time of joy, family, and peace on earth. In face, the month of December is full of cultural observances and rich traditions. It is also a time to be extra vigilant regarding safety. Below are some important safety tips to keep yourself and your loved ones protected.   Fire Safety During holiday celebrations, be cautious with candles, lanterns, and string... Read Article

Steps Homeowners Should take to Winterize their Homes and Prevent Insurance Claims

When they prepare for the arrival of winter weather, most people think about things such as snow tires or other preparatory items for their cars.  Many people do not think about preparing their homes for the winter. In addition to putting snow tired and anti-freeze in a vehicle, it is important to winterize the home. If it is not properly prepared, a home may become... Read Article

Take a Run for the Pies on Thanksgiving Morning

This community “Run/Walk for Fun” began 15+ years ago when a group of friends decided to meet at the Oswego YMCA to go for a run on Thanksgiving Day morning.  Why not get a little exercise in before eating all of that turkey, right?  So, this group of about 5 runners did this for a couple of years before they had another idea.  The runners... Read Article

Stay Safe on the Roads this Winter

During the winter months, driving conditions can become hazardous as the weather becomes less predictable. In extreme conditions, it is better to stay off the roads altogether; however, this is not always possible. There are several essential steps you can take to lessen your risk. [Read more…] May 21st, 2014 by FitzGibbons Insurance... Read Article

Fire Safety Checklist for Your Home

More than 3,000 Americans lose their lives each year due to fires, many of which occur in the home.  Many lives could be saved by using time-tested methods to prevent and survive a fire.  Survival, it turns out, is not a question of luck.  Rather, it is a matter of exercising caution and planning ahead.  Below are tips for fire prevention and survival. [Read more…]... Read Article