Don’t Wait for a Leak to Replace Your Roof

Do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? Don’t wait until you notice a leak. Look for these tell-tale signs that you roof needs to be replaced.


  •  Do you smell mold in your attic? Are there dark or discolored sports in the wood or drywall in your attic space? Is insulation discolored or wet? Get up throof.curlingere with some good lighting on a regular basis and inspect it. You want to catch any damage here, before it spreads to your living area.


  • Is there a lot of moss growing on your roof? Moss can add weight to roofs, store moisture causing wet rot and mold damage, and compromise the structural integrity of your roofing materials.
  • Are asphalt shingles losing granularity? The granules on asphalt shingles are vital barriers to sunlight, which can cause your tile to shrink and expand with the temperature. When there are granules missing, the tile itself is exposed to the elements. This can cause cracking and leaks.
  • Are shingles curling or cracking? It’s time to replace them. The barrier to water is now compromised.
  • Check flashing and caulking around joints, angles, sunroofs, etc. Are the flashings in good shape? Is the caulking still intact or is it cracking or becoming separated? Repair these vulnerable areas right away, before the next rain pushes water into the gaps.
  • Check the area immediately around chimneys. This is a notorious vulnerable point for roofs, because roofing materials expand and contract more than the chimney itself, creating gaps.


July 29th, 2014 by FitzGibbons Insurance