Lakeside Artisans- Preparing for Their Fourth Anniversary Celebration in Oswego, NY


“There is an abundance of talented, creative people who live in our community,” said Tim Ames, president and business manager of Lakeside Artisans, Oswego’s artists co-op.

Lakeside Artisans is a very unique business, as it is both founded and run by the artists themselves. There are currently 19 artists and artisans who both showcase and sell their work at Lakeside Artisans retail location in Canal Commons. Twenty-five different disciplines of art can be found in the store including original paintings, folk art, original jewelry, woodwork, stained glass and more. Lakeside Artisans also features inexpensive prints and notecards of many of the original paiLakesideArtisansImage3ntings sold in the store.

“The best part of any community is the people who live there. They make or break a community. That’s the key to our existence. We are a part of the community, “ Ames said.

Lakeside Artisans has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community of Oswego, NY and will be celebrating their 4th anniversary during the month of  March.  One of the things the group is most proud of is that all of the artists showcased in their store are from the Oswego area and most of them are native to Oswego, NY. They want to show community members that Downtown Oswego is an exciting place to come, with many locally owned stores and restaurants that give support to Oswego’s local economy.

Many plans are being put into place for Lakeside Artisans’ 4th anniversary celebration. March will be a month full of special events, such as weekly demonstrations by the members, raffles, and an Open House. Other surprises will be announced as the celebration draws closer.

“If you haven’t been downtown in a while, please come down. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Spread the word about what we, and the local downtown merchants have to offer,” said Ames. “ When patrons frequent our store and other small businesses, they encourage and support local artists and artisans, as well as give support to a LakesideArtisansimage2growing, dynamic downtown.”

Lakeside Artisans offers classes in a variety of different artistic disciplines, taught by members of the co-op. Classes are taught in a large room in the lower level of Canal Commons. To find out what classes are offered, you can check Lakeside Artisans facebook page or their website ( Information about the classes can also be found in the store.

For more information about Lakeside Artisans or how you can become a member of their co-op, you can find applications and requirements at their website, or at the store.

May 21st, 2014 by FitzGibbons Insurance