Little Free Libraries Pop Up in Oswego and Nation-wide


If you’re walking through Brietbeck or Franklin (West) Park a new addition may have caught your eye. Little Free Libraries are popping up in Oswego’s parks as well as around the country. Dawn Metott from the Oswego Youth Bureau was introduced to this idea by a co-worker and thought of the value it could bring to the Oswego community. “Little Free Libraries are sprouting up around the country in little towns and neighborhoods and the goal is to promote people getting to know their communities more and to promote literacy,” Metott said.

While Metott believes that the Oswego City Public Library is an amazing resourse for the community, she understands that it’s not always accessible to everyone in the community, due to time and our busy schedules. “However many families frequent the local parks right in their community. My thought was why not put books and literacy right into the hands of those families where they spend time,” said Metott, and Oswego’s Little Free Libraries were born.

The Little Free Libraries work on a give and take system that encourages people to borrow a book or two if they see one that they like and donate one if you would like to. The libraries are all about the love of reading and sharing books with others, so if you or your child become attached to a book that they found in the library, have no fear you can keep it. Donations of appropriate children’s books and adult books are also welcome.

The Oswego Youth Bureau also plans to add the libraries to East and Oak Hill Parks. “My hope is to expand here n the City of Oswego and in the county as well,” said Metott. People from Mexico and Fulton have contacted Metott and are interested in participating in this initiative.

Metott asks that people who live around the libraries keep an eye on them and report any issues that may arise. “One way that members of the community could help or get involved is through donations of supplies to make more or building a library to add to the ones we already have. We would love to be able to put one in each park in Oswego and others around the city at local organizations that families frequent,” said Metott.

May 21st, 2014 by FitzGibbons Insurance