Take a Run for the Pies on Thanksgiving Morning


This community “Run/Walk for Fun” began 15+ years ago when a group of friends decided to meet at the Oswego YMCA to go for a run on Thanksgiving Day morning.  Why not get a little exercise in before eating all of that turkey, right?  So, this group of about 5 runners did this for a couple of years before they had another idea.  The runners decided to bring non-perishable items with them on their run to drop off at the Salvation Army as a donation.  Why not go for a run and give back to the community on this day of thanks?

Each year after that, the number of runners and walkers grew…and grew…and grew!  In 2013, the Run for the Pies, as it is now called, brought together 200 participants on Thanksgiving Day morning to engage in a little fun and community camaraderie before joining their families for dinner.  There is no registration (other than your food donation) and there is no clock – there are pies to win, but only with a stroke of luck as winners are randomly selected to keep the possibilities open for all!

In addition to the fun, we collect enough donations to fill the back of a truck!  Not bad for a small group of friends getting together on Thanksgiving Day morning!

Thank you for joining us and for your contribution to our community!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Gobble, Gobble!


May 21st, 2014 by FitzGibbons Insurance